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Scott Doggett is an American journalist, author, and founder of the U.S. nonprofit Kind Visitor, an online community of travelers who perform kind acts and describe them at Previously, Scott was a staff writer and editor for the Los Angeles Times and a senior content producer for Educated at U.C. Berkeley and Stanford, Scott wrote regularly appearing columns for the Times' outdoors, business and automotive sections, and he authored eight books for Lonely Planet, the world's largest English-language travel guidebook company. His work experience includes: crime reporting in Los Angeles and combat reporting in Afghanistan for United Press International; shooting film as a contract photographer for Lonely Planet Images for five years; and writing adventure-travel stories for various magazines. In a world filled with talkers, Scott is a doer with an infinite amount of energy and a craving to do his work exceptionally well. Samples of his work appear on the pages that follow.


Positions Held

Presently      Founder and CEO,

8/07-12/11    Staff Associate Editor,

1/06-7/07      Contract Writer, Los Angeles Times

9/03-12/05    Staff Writer, Outdoors section, Los Angeles Times

10/02-8/03    Staff Content Producer,

4-10/02         Columnist, Highway 1 section, Los Angeles Times

1/97-10/02    Author, Lonely Planet Publications

1/97-10/02    Staff Photographer, Lonely Planet Images

9/99-5/00      Columnist, Business section, Los Angeles Times

6/89-12/96    Staff News Editor, Los Angeles Times

9/86-5/89      Staff Writer, United Press International, Los Angeles and Afghanistan

6-8/86           Staff Writer, United Press International, Salt Lake City, Utah

6-8/84           Staff Writer, KZSU-Radio, Stanford University

8/83-6/84      Freelance Photographer, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras

6-8/84                  Mass Media Institute, Stanford University

9/79-6/83             Bachelor's degree in Rhetoric, U.C. Berkeley


“Scott is a force of nature. Smart, creative, versatile, exuberant, driven, he cannot be stopped once he sets himself to a goal. His uncommon tenacity shows in everything he does, from working all night if that’s what it takes to make sure Web content is precisely right to making six additional calls to Panama while fact-checking a story on threats to the Darien rainforesta story that he marched through 29 miles of jungle on a gouty foot to report.”

– Bob Sipchen, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and former Outdoors Editor, Los Angeles Times
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"As a writer Scott is clean and concise, he is an accomplished photographer as well, and rapidly mastered the on-line publishing skills needed to fully step in and serve as editor when I was otherwise occupied. Scott is extremely organized, reliable and able to work independently or as a fully integrated member of a team. He exceeded my expectations in every category."

– John O'Dell, Senior Editor, Green Cars and Fuel Efficiency,
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"A hallmark of Scott's reporting is his willingness to go the distance researching a piece, making all the calls and getting the details right. In a fast-paced environment, he could always be counted on."

Tom Curwen, a Pulitzer Prize finalist and former Outdoors Editor, Los Angeles Times
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"I'd like to make two points about Scott, the first having to do with his capacity for work. As a former travel writer, I know how much labor and heavy lifting go into travel guidebooks. I can’t imagine writing one. Scott has written nearly a dozen. The other point has to do with his willingness to play utility infielder. (...) The term 'team player' is overused, but that's exactly what Scott is."

Dan Neil, Pulitzer Prize-winning automobile reviewer, The Wall Street Journal
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Contact Info
Scott can be reached via