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Cat Walk in Sumatra
To find a Sumatran tiger, all you have to do is go into the rainforest in the middle of the night and surprise it. Scott Doggett hoped the one standing 20 feet from him liked surprises.
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Diving with Hammerheads
The sharks do not eat people, or so the writer hopes.
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It’s a Jungle Up There!
Climbing Sumatra’s ‘Fire Mountain’
It seemed like a nice idea. And it came by way of a small man with kind eyes. “Would you like to climb Mount Merapi?" he asked pleasantly. It never occurred to me that we’d embark on a nightmarish trek to the very limit of my body's abilities.
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The Eyes Will Have It in Brazil's Lush Pantanal
It was the blackness that made the brilliant eyes so captivating. At the end of my flashlight beam, like glowing embers on a sea of black velvet, the fire-orange eyes of a thousand caimans reflected back at me.
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The Haunting History of the Great Houses of Jamaica

With raven hair, penetrating black eyes, porcelain skin and a perfect mouth, Anne Mary Palmer had the severe good looks today's fashion magazines call devastating. Legend has it that Palmer, as mistress of Jamaica's Rose Hall sugar plantation from 1820 until her death in 1833, was as cruel as she was beautiful.
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