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17 Die in Weekend Violence
At least 17 people are killed and 19 wounded in a burst of weekend violence, including an elderly man stabbed to death during a street robbery.
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Child Actress, Mother Shot and Set Afire
Authorities say the father of Judith Barsi, the child actress who played in ''Jaws 4'' and the television movie ''Fatal Vision,'' apparently shot the girl and her mother, set the bodies on fire and then killed himself.
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Voices Told Woman to Kill Her Baby, Lawyer Says

A woman on trial for driving her station wagon over her infant son suffered from a rare mental illness that caused her to hear voices telling her to kill the baby, her lawyer says in opening statements.
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Slain Professor Remembered as Devoted Educator

Francisco L. Peccorini, a retired California State University at Long Beach professor assassinated in El Salvador, is remembered by colleagues as a devoted educator and scholar who risked death to speak out against communism in the war-torn Central American country.
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State Enlists Army to Battle Wildfires

The Army has entered the war against wildfires raging in seven Western states that have forced 15,000 people to flee their homes, scorched more than 800 square miles and burned enough timber to build a city half the size of San Francisco.
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7 Die in L.A.'s Worst Quake in 16 Years

The worst earthquake in Southern California in 16 years claims seven lives, including a student crushed by a concrete wall, a construction worker buried alive and a man who fell out a second-story window.
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3 Die in Pipeline Explosion at Train Derailment Site
A ruptured gasoline pipeline explodes and touches off a firestorm that engulfs the same neighborhood where a runaway freight train flattened a row of houses two weeks ago. At least three people are killed and 31 injured.
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Great Salt Lake Bursts Through Dike
Waters of the Great Salt Lake, whipped by 40 mph winds and swollen to its highest level in history, burst through part of a 13-mile-long earthen dike and flood a magnesium extraction operation.
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