War Coverage


Car Bombs Kill at Least Six at Khan Funeral
At least six people were killed and scores of others injured Friday as powerful car bombs exploded in a crowded parking lot near the burial service for Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, Pakistani hero of the struggle for independence from Britain.
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Soviet Offensive Fails to Dampen Rebel Confidence

Despite superior numbers, military training and hardware, the estimated 115,000 Soviet troops have failed to defeat the Afghan tribesmen, just as the British failed 150 years ago.
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Afghan Rebels: Democracy Will Prevail

With Moscow declaring it will withdraw its troops, the former Afghan soldiers told why they defected and gave their predictions for Afghanistan's future government.

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Prospect of Peace Threatens Pakistani Arms Makers
Since 1979, when Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan, nearly everyone purchasing arms in this village has a Moslem guerrilla bent on driving the Red army from Afghan soil; their weapons-fueled prosperity is now threatened with peace.
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Doctors Battle Genocide, Disease in Afghanistan
Since 1984, Dr. Robert Simon and an organization he founded  the International Medical Corps  have constructed 36 more clinics and four hospitals in the war-torn country.
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Scott, second from right, with the Afghan mujahideen in 1988.